Thursday, March 5, 2009

Singer Mcoy Fundales tries out acting

Mcoy Fundales, former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate and front man of now defunct “Orange and Lemons,” has now ventured into acting. Fundales is part of an independent film “Padyak.”

“Something will happen to my character na magiging pivotal para sa main character na si (Jay Aquitania),” he said.

Written, produced and directed by Aloy Adlawan, “Padyak,” which tells the story of a pedicab driver, is now being shown at Robinsons Galeria IndieSine.

“Hindi ko po pinangarap na mapunta sa pelikula pero dumating ‘yong opportunity… so I just can’t say no,” Fundales said.

Fundales noted that acting “is different from doing music and from playing with a band.”

“Masaya po pala, very creative at nakaka-excite,” said Fundales, who is now the lead singer of new band “Kenyo.”

After Padyak, the singer said he might do a lot of movie projects in the future.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Real Mcoy Flares Up!

Shooting the scenes for their short film is currently postponed since the housemates are equally suffering the consequence of Mariel's eight violations. Since this late afternoon, everyone has to walk on their knees if they want to move around the house. And because doing so proves to be too much of an effort, they all opted to stay put in the living room, sleeping and chatting the night away.

Hours after Donnie is back as a sole housemate, Mcoy recounted how pissed he was last night after Big Brother raised the issue of plagiarism with regards to his written script for their 15-minute film. He got offended, saying that he was stigmatized by the scandal two years ago involving the alleged rip off of Orange and Lemon's "Pinoy Ako". But he immediately calmed down when Big Brother told him that it wasn't his intention to insult him. As it is, Kuya said that he stands by their concept but they could have done better than what they came up with.

Remembering what happened last night made him point out again that his idea was definitely different from the "The Ghost of August Mayford", which Big Brother compared their film's story with. At the same time, he insisted that they can hardly create scenes that's more Pinoy because the interior of the big yellow house is inspired by the Victorian era after all. He stressed that even the garden appears foreign because of the cherubim and peacock statues. These were all stated conversationally but before he knew it, Mcoy was called inside the confession room tonight. Perhaps Big Brother wants to set things straight because it's clear that his resident is still affected by the whole incident.

As soon as the Musikerong Daddy returned though, it became evident that their one-on-one talk did not resolve anything. On the contrary, he was fuming mad with their exchange. Adding fuel to his ire was Ethel's own confusion with all that's happening to them. Primed for a confrontation, she reiterated their "Praning Theory" last night regarding Mariel's status -- whether she's just a guest or a housemate like them. What's more alarming however is that Ethel and Mcoy are prepared to be "kicked out" if that's what it all boils down to. Will they really opt for a voluntary exit or will their burning emotions die a natural death now that they are talking to Big Brother again with the rest of housemates? Keep it here for the latest drama inside the most famous house in the land!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Kuya wishes his ex-housemates the best

In spite of what happened, Kuya is still proud of Ethel and Mcoy for showing and sharing their true selves to the public. Kuya apologized to Mcoy for whatever misunderstanding they had. He advised the Musikerong Daddy to let go of all the anger and hatred in his heart.

Afterwards, Kuya told Ethel that, just like how it is inside his house, everything has it's own time and reason. Kuya had his reasons for not awarding Ethel the phone call she won in the Catapult game. In the end, Kuya wished for the success of the Mcoy and Ethel and he hopes that he had been an instrument for them to become stronger and mature persons.

Later, Mcoy accepted Big Brother's apology and cleared that although he was hurt, he never hated Kuya. Just like in every Filipino family, there will always be misunderstandings and arguments. But the important thing is that the relationship is founded on trust. He also said that he truly loves Big Brother, despite being just a voice without a face. On the other hand, Ethel thanked Kuya for always encouraging her and giving her the chance to prove to everyone her worth as a person. The Ultimate Pasaway cleared that she had been planning to leave, but when the incident with Mcoy happened, she took the opportunity to make a voluntary exit. As a housemate, Ethel learned the value of discipline and humility in accepting one's mistakes. She also admitted that up to now, she hasn't spoken to her boyfriend and that, for some personal reasons, she doesn't want to speak to him again.

Also, Mcoy and Ethel witnessed the other housemates enjoy their victory in their short-film weekly task. Despite the challenges and problems, the housemates remained determined in accomplishing the task. For this, the housemates did not only win their 75% bet, but Big Brother also handed them a 100% raise for their budget next week, a total of P9,000.

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There's no going back...

PBBCE2_mcoy1123.jpgSeeing housemates leave the big yellow house is always a tearful moment, how much more when they go with such heavy emotions against Big Brother? However, we now see how Mcoy and Ethel have felt it in their hearts that the time for them to go was looming way before the fiery incident which led to their sudden exit.

Ever since, the Ultimate Pasaway was having doubts to be a housemate because she's burdened by her rocky relationship with his boyfriend. And not being given her much-awaited reward from the Catapult game made her more resolute to leave, thinking that she can still fix things with the love of her life. But sadly, Big Brother can't grant the phone call because that person simply doesn't want to be reached.

PBBCE2_ethel1123.jpgOn the other hand, the Musikerong Daddy also conveyed to Big Brother his plans not to finish the season for the sake of the more deserving contenders for the Big Four. One particular one-on-one talk further showed how he felt that his purpose inside was completed already. He even stressed this while he was packing his bags last Wednesday night.

It all then ended bitterly with Mcoy and Ethel making their departure as soon as the garden gates were opened for them. The impact of their absence made everyone miserable, knowing how those two served as their tower of strength day by day. Yayo for instance was confused, stating that having their buttons pushed to the very limit was simply the rule of the game.

They would certainly miss their favorite housemates but life went on as usual the next day. Seeing that the Mom in Distress still favored the painful knee contraptions, the others eventually followed suit, encouraged by her optimism that at least they would get busy with it for the rest of the day.

PBBCE2_baron1123.jpgBaron's adventures with his newfound friend "Buttons" was also featured tonight! Being in the secret room alone was certainly lonesome so Big Brother generously gave him a stuffed toy as company! True to his nature though, the Wild Child requested for a cigarette but his plea remained unanswered for he couldn't give a valid reason to gain such luxury.

Wondering what Big Brother's fabulous welcome surprise to him was? Be sure to catch up all the excitement in the house as well as the showing of their successful indie film tomorrow. How will the celebrity housemates feel when they learn that Mariel is leaving them soon?

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

On TV Patrol World: Direk Lauren talks about Mcoy and Ethel's exit

Apparently, the former Orange and Lemons lead singer felt insulted when the issue of plagiarism was raised involving the script which the celebrity housemates are filming for their weekly task. As it is, Big Brother merely wanted to clarify if Mcoy was willing to be held liable if there will be a copyright complaint against it after it's premiere on national television.

However, his anger was further incited by his sensitivity towards the issue of plagiarism, given what he had experienced before with his former band Orange and Lemons involving the song "Pinoy Ako". This led to his refusal to wear his lapel mic followed much later by his abrupt departure together with Ethel. The Ultimate Pasaway, on the other hand, expressed her disdain over Mariel's sacrifice which later one involved her and the other housemates. She was angry at Big Brother's failure to reveal the reason behind the housemates' most recent sacrifice as well as her worries on Mariel's status inside the house.

PBB Business Unit Head Direk Lauren Dyogi expressed his sadness on the sudden turn of events. "Mcoy and Ethel were two of the stronger contenders for the Big Four. Yun lang nakakalungkot. I would have wanted to see how they'll play it until the end. Pero siguro hanggang dun lang talaga ang plano nila," the director shared.

And now, the PBB staff are already looking for new housemates who will fill the positions of the Mcoy, Ethel and even Mariel, who's scheduled to exit this Saturday night.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pay Back Time For The Violators

Many times now Big Brother had reminded his residents regarding pay back time for their respective violations. But he was determined to keep everyone in suspense as he reveals their punishment one by one. As mentioned before, Baron started to carry a bench last night that will hopefully teach him not to oversleep again. He even requested for a wider one to keep from falling off it when he's deep in slumber.

Tonight, the next on the list were Mcoy and Victor. As it is, they forgot to use a stirrer when they fixed their drinks last Sunday. You will recall that the Lonely Dreamboy even hid his glass under the table to muffle the sound. But of course, he didn't escape Big Brother's eye for justice. As such, they have to wear matching attires which mirrored the striped design of a stirrer. And whenever "IyugyogMo" is played, they are forced to shake their booties together with the music!

Then another violator was punished after some time. It was like seeing G.I. Jane in the flesh when Riza suddenly came out of the storage room wearing a sexy military outfit! And her responsibility is to make sure that Baron's bangko is latched on his back at all times. She even had a rifle to go with her costume! The others tried to pry out of her the reason of her ordeal but she remained mum about it, thinking perhaps that she can't afford another penalty at the moment.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mcoy's birthday celebration

The second eviction night didn't start off with all doom and gloom for today is Mcoy's birthday. Kuya has a lot of surprises for the Musikerong Dad, starting off with his wine and cheese party to match the simple 'asalto' the housemates had for him last night. The HMs kind gesture had Mcoy emotional but Big Brother had something more tear-enducing for him.

Before giving Mcoy a chance to start his wine and cheese party, Kuya invited him inside the confession room to offer his HMs a song number. But Mcoy was shocked when he heard another voice singing along with him. It was actually his wife, singing "How Did You Know" on stage at the eviction hall. And as if that wasn't a tearjerking enough experience, Big Brother also gave Mcoy the first 100 second encounter for this edition and he was able to talk to his two daughters too.
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